From an early age, I had an interest in archeology and a fascination for objects from the past. representatives from an earlier time, they were mysterious and a great source of imagination. There is also something very beautiful about the patinas and textures that occur when man-made objects are acted upon by the forces of nature over time. Much of the material I incorporate is found at the ocean. Here the salt water, sun and tumbling of waves on the shore work to break down these objects and return them into the earth.

By salvaging these materials, I have interrupted the earth’s reclamation process, pulled the object out of its inherent time and placed it in a new time where it can be rediscovered. In my sculptures I seek to create beautiful objects through the use of elegance, balance and economy, while drawing attention to the timeless value of materials once considered disposable. Each element lends its age and history to a new form.  The finished piece should have origins that are mysterious, patinas that are rich and an age that is ambiguous - hopefully timeless.






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